Which Is BEFITTING Your Business?

Social media systems are mind-boggling and confusing. If you don’t believe they are, think about this. YouTube; simply large ones: Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, Tumblr, Snapchat; local ones: Weibo, Ozone, RenRen, VK; niche ones: Badoo (for going out with), Kaboodle (just like Pinterest), GoodReads (for reserve buffs), etcetera. If you are anything like me, you almost certainly think there are far too many of them, and you’d be quite fine with just Facebook.

But as a small business owner/marketer, you should know where and exactly how to market your brand depending on the demographics and culture of every public network. So today we’ll feel the differences between your major social advertising systems: their demographics, specificities, and unspoken guidelines. Let the journey begin! Let’s focus on the ruler.

Facebook has over 1.6 billion each month users. After that it shouldn’t come as a delight to you that its demographics are balanced out. Folks of all gender, contest, era, and socio-economic status are represented on Facebook. Whatever it is that you will be selling, you ought to be on Facebook. The primary of Facebook “culture” is friendship. Everyone from your old classmate to your grandmother’s sister’s spouse is viewed as a pal on Facebook.

You “like” their pics and opinions, therefore you never start your concept with “Dear Ms. McGonagall”. Therefore, your visitors should be viewed on Facebook as though they are your friends. Don’t get me incorrect, you should still have a brandname page therefore you are still not allowed to … Read more

Chronicles, Musings And Debates About Interracial & Intercultural Relationships

Today I wanted to share with you how to make your makeup look less textured or as others would say wedding cake face! I’ve been really endeavoring to make my makeup look really flawless because I used to be at one point a wedding cake face! So, whether you have Acne or not you can also establish a more natural fresh face using the tips below. Skincare is extremely important.

When your skincare is on point your makeup is on point! It’s essential to have a good skincare schedule that works together with your skin type. Tagging along the skincare range, it’s important to exfoliate! It gets rid of dead pores and skin that go up to the top of your face. Exfoliate at least 2-3 days weekly but keep in mind if you have delicate skin only 1-2 days weekly.

I’m not going to leave this skincare only you men! Moisturize for your daily life. It keeps your face hydrated and smooth perfect for the first base that is your foundation. I would recommend you let lotion sink into your skin layer for at least 10 minutes but of course that’s my preference as it allows tackiness to set in and gives the foundation something to cling to. I know we are oh so tempted to pound on a lot of foundation particularly if we have bad acne. However it’s important to keep basis to a minor to prevent the cake.

Make sure your basis is light-weight yet build … Read more

JUST HOW MUCH Do Wedding Invitations Cost?

Trying to figure out how much wedding invitations cost is like trying to figure out how much a good haircut should cost. 408 on wedding invites, that stat does little to ease the wide selection of prices you’re destined to see out there. For the Handy breakdown of it all, I created an infographic to explain this info! NOTE: The following prices do not include postage or save the dates.

0.35. Click to see more postage rates here. 150 for 100 postcard STD’s. Bespoke wedding invitation designers will be the go-to source for brides looking for amazing hand-drawn, calligraphy, or custom wedding invites (you can read more about the different wedding invitation styles here). You’ll find that the majority of these designers are online-only (though you’ll see bigger ones such as Rifle Paper Co. have a presence in multiple high-end stationery stores as well).

Be sure to look at the best wedding invitation designers here. 30 per invitation collection. You’ll probably have a wider selection of prices at a stationery store, and sometimes the ability to generate your own idea for a design as well as keep these things print/assemble (and sometimes mail) your wedding invitations.

You also have the benefit of seeing a wide range of designers under one roofing. Also, stationery stores (like Kate’s Paperie if you reside in New York City) generally have sales a few times a year that you can definitely take advantage of. 7 and up per invitation collection (invite, response credit card, and … Read more

New Years Goal Setting (aka

Christmas with my Dad’s family tomorrow. It was great to have a few weeks and I feel refreshed and ready to take on 2011 off! I wanted to talk about my New Year’s resolutions with everyone, even though some are personal. I am a goal-setter definitely. I love to write down goals, post them somewhere I could see because also important than setting goals is checking in on your targets. If you arranged them and ignore then.. Its important to check in and remind yourself what you want, whether its daily, monthly or weekly. 1. Eat healthier – I actually began this one after Thanksgiving. I have a serious romance with carbs.

I think during college I survived mainly off of pasta and cereal and potatoes. Here is a picture of me proposing to mashed potatoes. I told you. Its a serious problem. So my plan is to consume many more vegetables/fruit and to “work” for my carbs. If I want carbs, I have to workout.

I was doing great in the beginning of December before cookies/cakes/brownies/mashed potatoes/delicious foods started happening. This week – back to the veggies & fruits But starting! 2. Grow my business / find a building – This is also an ongoing goal. I have already been searching for a building for my studio for around 3 years since we currently lease both of our locations and every rent check feels as though I’m throwing money away. I’ve stalked real property listings and actually frequented a … Read more