She Was The Age Of Twenty

During the early nineteen hundreds, resided a young woman called Carrie Pollitzer. Her life in the us was much different in comparison to present day. Women didn’t have much freedom to be independent and their accomplishments were based primarily on gender. A woman would go to college to meet a spouse, stay at home with the small children, and would have trouble living a higher standard of life if not marrying. Economically, businesses were run by the white man.

Men possessed the land and often acquired poor white women and African Americans working the farms. Industrially, the factories were possessed by men and many women that were unwed works in the factories. Politically, the white man ran the national and state. They were the only Americans who were permitted to vote. My study of the southern women has shown, culturally, there were many different ways of living and prospering in the south. One is the poor BLACK communities, where the people didn’t have anything.

Another was the wealthy white plantation buying family members who only associated themselves with other rich upper-class plantation owners. This was a time when the civil war was and the African Americans were not slaves any longer over, so new problems were arising for the South since there was no longer free labor. Many women wrote characters to talk to their relatives and buddies. Our Service Can Write a Custom Essay on Carrie Pollitzer for you personally!

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