JUST HOW MUCH Do Wedding Invitations Cost?

Trying to figure out how much wedding invitations cost is like trying to figure out how much a good haircut should cost. 408 on wedding invites, that stat does little to ease the wide selection of prices you’re destined to see out there. For the Handy breakdown of it all, I created an infographic to explain this info! NOTE: The following prices do not include postage or save the dates.

0.35. Click to see more postage rates here. 150 for 100 postcard STD’s. Bespoke wedding invitation designers will be the go-to source for brides looking for amazing hand-drawn, calligraphy, or custom wedding invites (you can read more about the different wedding invitation styles here). You’ll find that the majority of these designers are online-only (though you’ll see bigger ones such as Rifle Paper Co. have a presence in multiple high-end stationery stores as well).

Be sure to look at the best wedding invitation designers here. 30 per invitation collection. You’ll probably have a wider selection of prices at a stationery store, and sometimes the ability to generate your own idea for a design as well as keep these things print/assemble (and sometimes mail) your wedding invitations.

You also have the benefit of seeing a wide range of designers under one roofing. Also, stationery stores (like Kate’s Paperie if you reside in New York City) generally have sales a few times a year that you can definitely take advantage of. 7 and up per invitation collection (invite, response credit card, and envelopes). The more inserts you add the more that price shall go up. While most brick-and-mortar stationery stores likewise have online ordering (Payprus, Paper Source), there are several online-only invitation retailers which have risen to the top as well.

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We also can’t just forget about Etsy, which is somewhere among an internet invitation store and a unique developer, since so many of the now big-name designers got their start there. Furthermore, to ready-made, customizable designs they also offer bespoke designs as well as digital downloads that you print yourself (more on that in our DIY section, below).

4 and up for invites (invite, response card, and envelopes), excluding any promotions or sales. 1.40 and for an invite up, RSVP card, and envelopes…which is DIY prices fundamentally. More on that below! 1.34/each at Paper Source. They will customize the files with all of your information and you just download it then.

All you should do is buy the paper! One important be aware is that if you’re printing invites at home you’re having to lighter paper so that it can proceed through your home printing device. At LCI, for example, the DIY invitations are 110 lb. I would take a look at your computer printer paper compatibility and test a piece before you get wedding invitation paper in mass online. If you love a heavier paper at-home printing might not be the best for you then. So, what does this all amount to? NOTE: Be sure you always take one completed invitation to the post office to ensure you get the proper amount of postage.

Also, I recommend hand-cancelling your wedding invites if your neighborhood post office offers it. This is usually free! As you can see, the costs add up quickly! My recommendation for brides is to figure out how much you can allot to wedding invitations and choose the kind of wedding invitation you want based on that. I would start off speaking with bespoke wedding invitation designers you prefer and let them know what your allowance is and see what they can do.

800 range, I would definitely check out sites like Etsy, Minted, Basic Invite, Artifact Uprising, and Vista Print…they involve some great options! 300 and under gals I would also go on Etsy but look for invitation suites that you can purchase and print yourself at home or at your neighborhood printer. Before one does any of that, however, make sure to look at my easy ways to save, below. A couple of these tips may help you get your fantasy wedding invitations! Unless you’re a professional designer or printer, I would be weary of DIY’ing your complete invitation set.

This is especially true if you’re wanting something above and beyond a simple design. You can easily end up spending more money than you would have had you gone with an online store from the get-go. 200 for a completely custom wedding invitation design delivered with a printable file. I attempted to cut costs by printing them myself, however they appeared awful published once.