Technical Project Manager (System Implementation Business Lead) At Doctolib GmbH

Technical Project Manager (System Implementation Business Lead) At Doctolib GmbH 1

Founded in 2013, Doctolib is the fastest growing and largest health startup in Europe. For patients, Doctolib can be a free online service which enable them to discover a nearby health practitioner, book visits 24/7 within a few manage, and clicks medical bookings. For doctors and hospitals, Doctolib is a software with a full-range of services dedicated to enhance their day-to-day organization, develop their practice, create a premium patient experience, and invite these to collaborate more easily with referring doctors. We commit to deliver user-friendly tools & services with the target to improve people’s health and quality of life of people working in healthcare.

We are especially focused on building an organization where people prosper, develop in their careers, and revel in having high impact through their work. We collaborate with 80.000 doctors and 1400 healthcare facilities including a few of the most important clinics in France (AP-HP) and Germany. We gather 34 million patients on our system each month with a substantial growth. We are 800 Doctolibers located in 35 offices (France and Germany) with our headquarter in Paris. With more than 200 hundreds of thousands euros funding, we are actually part of the small group of “unicorns” startups!

We are prepared to hire a Technical Project Manager (German & English fluent) to become listed on us in Berlin and become an area of the change of the healthcare systems! Passion, Curiosity, and Autonomy are key for the role. Assessment of alternative party software/systems to connect the best way to Doctolib systems. Assortment of customer requirements and its transformation into specialized specifications.

Assisting the sales and key accounts management in customer presentations and sales pitches. Participate the negotiation process with these clients. Engineer or Business degree with a specialized background in your job. Preferred track-record/career: Project Manager / Senior Technical consultant, who already managed projects autonomously. Experience in health tech is optional. Internal and exterior stakeholder management. Quite strong solution user-first and oriented mindset.

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Analytical and organized approach in collecting customer requirements. Very good in demonstration and useful negotiation. Desire to autonomously work. What do we offer? To become listed on a team of 800 amazing people, passionate about common ideals and goals. A life-changing, innovative product development! A tailor-fit ramp-up program for your role, with more than 30 classes. Time and cover self-development: participation in conferences (for instance EuRuKo Conf & ReactEurope). Leisure time dedicated to preparing talks for meetups and meetings. A leadership academy to support you in enhancing your managing capabilities! Several DoctoParties, DoctoMonthly Meetings, DoctoBeers, DoctoWeek-ends!

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