AFTEREFFECT OF Different Moisturizers On SLS‐Irritated Human Skin

Moisturizers are widely used to treat irritant contact dermatitis (ICD). Their use is, however, not well‐documented and standardized models for testing skin care products are needed to acquire paperwork of their efficacy. The present study was undertaken to judge the effect of 6 commonly‐used moisturizers on the recovery of irritated human skin. No commercial passions were involved in the study. 36 healthy volunteers had to patch tests with SLS 0.5% applied on their forearms/upper arms for 24 h.

After discomfort of your skin, all volunteers experienced a moisturizer applied using one forearm/top arm, respectively, 3 × daily for the next 5 days. The other forearm/higher arm served as an untreated control. Each moisturizer was examined on 12 volunteers and each volunteer tested 2 moisturizers at the same time.

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Evaluation was done on days 1, 3 and 8 by transepidermal drinking water loss, electric capacitance, laser beam Doppler flowmetry, DermaSpectrometry and medical scoring. All 6 moisturizers were found to accelerate regeneration of the skin barrier function when compared to irritated non‐treated skin. Probably the most lipid‐wealthy moisturizers improved hurdle recovery more rapidly than the less lipid‐wealthy moisturizers. We suggest this experimental model for even more moisturizer efficacy testing.

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