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Pasta lovers experienced reason to enjoy yesterday, as headlines announced that the often-demonized carbohydrate could “help you lose weight.” But is this mainstay of Italian food better for your waistline really? The headlines were referring to a new meta-analysis, published yesterday (April 3) in the journal BMJ Open, that discovered that eating pasta was not linked with putting on weight when it was consumed as part of a “low-glycemic-index” diet. Foods that have a low glycemic index release sugar into the bloodstream slowly. The researchers analyzed data from 29 studies with a total of almost 2,500 people who either consumed pasta within a low-glycemic diet or ate other carbohydrates that had an increased glycemic index.

After about 12 weeks, those in the pasta groups lost, typically, about 50 % a kilogram, or 1.1 lbs., weighed against the groups that ate the other carbohydrates. Related: WHAT EXACTLY IS the Biggest Reasons Diets Fail? WHAT EXACTLY ARE the largest Reasons Diets Fail? But the new findings aren’t an invitation to gorge on pasta.

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For a very important factor, the folks in the pasta organizations certainly weren’t doing so. Instead, they had, typically, 3.3 portions of pasta each week – and one portion were equal to about one-half cup of prepared pasta. In addition, the researchers stressed that the findings apply only to pasta eaten in the context of the low-glycemic-index diet. If the new results “will hold in the framework of other healthy diet patterns, such as Mediterranean and vegetarian dietary patterns, is unclear,” the researchers published in their paper.

What’s more, the analysts noted that the amount of weight loss seen in the study was small and that it’s unclear if people would keep this weight off over the future. Heather Mangieri, a registered diet and dietitian specialist in Pittsburgh, who was not involved in the study, said that the results did not surprise her.

Although pasta and other sugars have a “bad reputation,” these foods can still have a location on your plate, she said. Mangieri told Live Science. But people need to be careful when they combine pasta with stuff like wealthy sauces, she said. Related: 2-Week Diet Review | Brian Flatt – Does The Weight Loss System Work?

So, when people eat pasta, they ought to retain in mind the glycemic calorie and index count of the other foods they increase it, she said. The results, an essential requirement of diet planning highlight, which is you do not necessarily need to cut out your favorite foods to maintain a healthy weight, Mangieri said. The meta-analysis wasn’t funded by the pasta industry; however, some of the authors previously received research grants, in-kind donations of pasta for studies, and travel support from the pasta manufacturer Barilla. Initial article on Live Science.

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