How Does This Work?

Product Marketing Training, this will be no different. That’s why Centennial College’s Business Administration – Marketing offering, which requires 3 years to complete, prides itself on offering students an ideal balance between practical practice and theory-based lectures. For example, students of the Business Marketing training and Product Marketing Training partake in a real-life experience called an industry project feature. Involvement includes students working in a united team setting up on a real project that is sponsored by an entrepreneurial endeavor, small business, or a major company.

This is the students’ chance to show potential employers how well they work under pressure and in a specialist situation. How does this work? A common first-year curriculum for some Centennial business programs provides students with the chance to obtain an overview of the business prior to focusing on a specific area.

  • Design and configure relational data source objects
  • Allegria Paloma or Abbi
  • Blocks and Hurdles
  • 0L: See Prospective Law Student

Once students move forward from their first season, they partake in courses such as: Marketing Research, Practical Applications in Marketing, Professional Selling, Marketing Communications, Brand Management, Interactive Marketing, and more. Throughout all their courses, students benefit from a powerful and interactive environment that is facilitated by experienced faculty members who encourage learning through case studies, visitor lectures, presentations, tasks, and computer technology and simulations.

As a result, students of the business marketing training go onto become sales staff, direct marketing coordinators, marketing research experts, promotion, and sales coordinators, associate product managers, and customer romantic relationship managers. However, should students desire to obtain further Business Marketing training, they could do this through Centennial College’s partnerships, allow students to use credits gained at Centennial towards further study at other establishments. Partners of this Business Marketing training program are: Athabasca University, Algoma University, Royal Roads University, Ryerson University, Davenport University, Northwood University, University of Lethbridge, Griffith University, and University of New Brunswick.

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