Self-Defense Products

Whether you are a homemaker, business owner, or law enforcement officer, self-defense products are essential for personal protection. Unlike guns, they can fit in a pocket or purse, and they provide maximum protection no matter what situation you may find yourself in. These products can be used discreetly and quickly by security guards and law enforcement. You can find a self defense product that suits your needs, regardless of whether you are working or not. In case you have just about any inquiries concerning in which and also the best way to employ Best Pepper Spray, you can call us with our web-page.

Stun guns

Although you’ve heard of stun gun, what does it actually do? Stun guns deliver an electrical shock to victims. The attacker is still affected by the electrical current. The victim won’t feel the same shocks as the attacker. Stun guns can also be made small and portable, without sacrificing any voltage. In fact, many stun guns are waterproof. Before you decide to buy a stun guns, think about what you are looking for.

Pepper spray

Pepper spray, also known as OC spray, is a popular self-defense product. It is the preferred choice of millions around the world, especially women, who need to defend themselves in an attack. Every law enforcement officer keeps pepper spray in their utility belt. Pepper spray was recently given to American letter carriers to help them protect themselves against dog attacks. It is still controversial, despite its proven effectiveness and popularity.

Cat Ear Keychains

Whether you’re at home or on the go, cat ears can be a deadly weapon. Cat ears cannot be easily snatched off, unlike a knife or pistol. They are made of hard plastic and feature pointed ears that will not break under pressure. If you find yourself in any danger, one of these can be hidden in your pocket. And, it’s small enough to fit on your keyring!

Tactical Pens

Tactical Pens are multi-tools made to protect you. These pens are made from aircraft-grade aluminum and have an engraved holster. They come in handy in an attack and can even be used to jab a person’s weak points. Tactical pens are rechargeable, unlike kubatons which can be likened to large, metal daggers.


Pepper spray is also known as Mace, and it’s a popular self-defense weapon. This chemical spray was originally used to protect people from dog attacks. It has a long history of use in military operations. In catapults from the 1200s onwards, Greek fire was being used. The Mace that we use today is far more effective than the pepper spray of yesteryear. Mace has been a very popular tool for self-defense and has been effective for over 100 years.

s1 Pepper Spray Gun

The s1 Pepper Spray Gun is the best non-lethal defense weapon on the market today. The gun is a combination of non lethal pepper spray and long-range firepower. The gun is designed to look like a handgun, but it can also shoot rounds of tear gas and military-grade pepper spray. The spray produces a five-foot chemical cloud that does not kill curious children.

TASER StrikeLight

The TASER StrikeLight Self-Defense Products are made to stun attackers without harming them. The light’s bright 80-lumen output is powerful enough to stun anyone within 55 feet. A slide-on/off switch allows for quick activation of the light. The light’s compact size allows you to carry it in your glovebox, backpack, car, or even in your car. TASER’s self-defense tool is extremely portable and will give you peace of mind.

TASER Mini Stun Gun

You can use the TASER Mini Gun to stop an attacker from his or her tracks. It is lightweight and fits perfectly into your hand. It comes with an integrated LED flashlight. This Web page flashlight can be recharged using a standard electric outlet. A loud, sparkly sound is produced when the stun gun is tested. To activate the taser simply turn on safety switch and push the Stun Activation Buton button. The stun gun will immediately cause the assailant stop in their tracks, and induce muscle contractions.

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