TEST THOROUGHLY YOUR Business & Management Skills

As a small business owner, you’re responsible for each aspect of your business from employee relations to marketing to security. It could be difficult to wear so many hats, but it is important to learn your strengths and weaknesses so that you can fill your spaces with new employees (when you can afford it) or with additional education.

Small Business Know-How: From Kiplinger, this 10 question quiz tests what you know about getting your small business started and attaining financial success. Small Business Success Quiz: Based on the results of a Small Business Administration (SBA) survey of 100 successful business owners, this quiz lets you compare your answers with those from other pros.

Is YOUR BUSINESS Likable: This whitepaper is from a company trying to sell marketing services, however the Likeability index they created is a good tool for your small business marketing. Use the index noted here to score your business. Lessons on growing up a business from entrepreneurs as if you. Leadership Skills: Take this quiz to evaluate your leadership strengths and weaknesses.

After credit scoring your quiz browse the explanations below your score to see what your location is strong, and where you will need improvement. Leadership Style: Take this quiz to evaluate your command style and discover whether you are likely more towards as an Ambassador, Advocate, People Mover, Truth-Seeker, Creative contractor, or Experienced guide.

Each style is described, and you might be strong in one or more equally. Personality Types: Take this quiz to determine which of the 16 standard personality types you are. Also, take time to read more about not only your type, but every one of the other types as well. It can help you more effectivelyto communicate with the employees, customers, vendors, and other business connections you connect to every day.

Identity in danger: This Kiplinger quiz checks how savvy you are in identifying scammers attempting to steal your personal information. Phishing Quiz: This quiz from security software seller McAfee asks you to separate legitimate email from malicious phishing email made to trick you into disclosing personal information such as financial accounts numbers and passwords. Business Etiquette Quiz: Test your etiquette skills and find out if you’ll act properly in these 14 business situations. Email Etiquette: Have you any idea when to react, when to delete, and when to ahead? Find out with this quiz.

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