What To Know TO ELIMINATE Pimples

Who are you and what is your authority here? I am not a doctor or dermatologist. I am simply a woman who had mild acne as a teenager that devolved into mild to moderate acne (and moderate hormonal acne) during the last decade. I have learned a complete lot about how exactly acne works through my own experiences, reading/researching, and from medical professionals that I have met with about my epidermis over the full years. I wrote this post because I used to be sick of seeing inaccurate information online about skincare. I am hoping that what I have learned can help others that are struggling with their acne-prone skin.

Your trip to clear skin is yours and yours alone. The truth is, if you would like to get rid of your pimples, you shall need to customize your skincare program to suit your own pores and skin. Why would follow what the cosmetic companies, faceless skincare “gurus,”, and product reviewers tell you to buy? They couldn’t possibly know exactly what triggers your breakouts or causes your acne. They also have no idea what your skin can tolerate. This is not to say that you shouldn’t try what a doctor or dermatologist prescribes for you.

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You shouldn’t avoid non-prescription recommendations whole cloth either. Your best bet is to get the products or remedies have which can work for a group of people and give it a go. It may get rid of your epidermis, it may be ineffective, or it may make your skin layer worse, however the only way you shall know is if you try it for yourself.

From my own experiences, I could let you know that getting rid of acne is very much indeed so error and trial. You have to play around with your routine by trying different products, brands, potencies, frequencies of application, combinations of products, and other treatment plans/methods to find out what works and what doesn’t. Remember, it will have a good amount of time to figure out what works and what doesn’t so show patience.

Unless you’re lucky and find an excellent treatment that clears up all your pimples quickly in the beginning, you shall have to undergo some frogs before you find your prince. I’ve found that the best method for getting rid of pimples is to purge your skincare/makeup routine fully (save for a cleanser and perhaps a light moisturizer) then introduce your products (or new ones) one at a time.

This way, you will get out which products make your skin layer worse, those do nothing at all, and which improve it. Think of it this way: Let’s say you understand you’re sensitive to certain fruits, but you like to eat fruit salad. How would you know which fruits you were allergic to unless these were attempted by you one by one? PS: I’m going through this process on my blog in a series called The Acne Experiment.

What these businesses won’t let you know is that the term doesn’t actually imply “won’t clog pores” – it simply means that it’s less likely to than other products. That is why product critiques drive me batty. Often times something will have a ton of low ratings because it caused you to definitely have breakouts. I have news for you: practically any product gets the potential for causing acne breakouts, of the labeling regardless.