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Now you may be considering, we are hypocrites right now, with all the current contrasting views using one topic. Well, that is the reason why we setup this site specifically. It really is to provide our two cents on finance-related topics so that you can have a far more holistic view on conditions that impact your finances. Crowdfunding has been around for a long time and Singaporean traders are definitely alert to this choice option that they can use to improve their investment comes back (if you are not used to crowdfunding, you can read more here). There’s also some common titles that people have heard in this space as well.

Examples are Funding Societies, CoAssets, and MoolahSense. Set alongside the USA, in Singapore, investors don’t have the choice of raising equity through crowdfunding. Hence, there is the crowdfunding of debt present here. However, as our earlier post shows just, there are numerous dangers to crowdfunding which warrants higher come back rates.

Just as how debts can be secured or unsecured, one interesting advancement of crowdfunding is the move towards collateralisation. In lots of other countries, real property crowdfunding is the most well-liked alternate investment as you have the presence of security in the form of property or land. A straightforward search on Google can demonstrate that. The vast supply of flats and land as compared to fewer approved loans made this even more appealing. Hence, the speed of obtaining funding and lower loan requirements are compensated from the higher rates of return. Though, this will be less than unsecured crowdfunding certainly.

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Given the relatively steady property market in Singapore, secured real property crowdfunding will provide a good return with lower risks. Interestingly, CoAssets has recently incorporated a real estate subsidiary that focuses on asset-backed crowdfunding and was announced in January. Hopefully, it will be released soon for retail investors to have another investment choice. In our view, this is definitely an attractive option. Think about it Just.

Having an 8% to 10% rate of come back (slightly outperforming the common STI returns – 8.4%) while enjoying the protection of collateral in the form of a property that is comfortably appreciated more than the loan amount. If you wish to learn, do learn much more on crowdfunding or visit CoAssets’ website. Be sure you offer your opinions. If you don’t put your two cents in, how can you expect to get change?

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