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David Elliott is the author of many picture books and books for young people, including The NY Times bestselling And to You Here’s! Other books are the Transmogrification of Roscoe Wizzle; Finn Throws a Fit; this ORQ. For the Farm, In the Wild, In the Sea, and On the Wing.

When I contacted David about being on the blog, I couldn’t determine whether I needed to feature his wonderful picture book, this ORQ. In the Wing, his fascinating children’s poetry collection about parrots. I presented the options to David and hoped he wouldn’t keep coming back with, “Whatever you want is okay, Michelle.” He decided to go with For the Wing.

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So now I am privileged to tell you all about this gorgeous book of parrot poems! I lived in Australia. I QUICKLY fell deeply in love with them. Truly. Madly. Deeply. In love. Believe me, the birdsong alone is worth the expense of airfare. David included two Australian birds in this 16-poem collection – the bowerbird and the Australian pelican – as well as other backyard and more exotic favorites.

As it happens, neither of the Aussie parrots David chose to write have a lot of a singing tone of voice about, however they nonetheless are interesting individuals. The bowerbird is more of the mimic when compared to a singer. My hubby likes to tell the story of 1 who sounded as being a truck changing gears while heading uphill.

The pelicans we found preferred to chomp down on little ladies’ fingertips. Even if you are not just a birdwatcher, a bird-listener, or any other type of bird enthusiast, after scanning this collection you will, at the very least, have newfound respect for their different personalities. David’s poetry makes certain of this. His wit and wordplay match a detailed focus and competent understanding of avian character to make short verse that is concise, graceful, amusing, and unforgettable. Becca Stadtlander’s glorious illustrations are also vibrant and absorbing, as she expertly displays the type and build of each bird and poem. The result can be an engaging collection that children will require over and over.

Delighted to have you join us at Today’s Little Ditty, David! Shall we begin? I expect TLD supporters now know the schedule by. Playing Ghost in the Graveyard (some sort of backwards hide-and-seek) with the Defenbaughs, the Piatts, the Kennedys. Mozart, especially the operas. And Handel’s vocal music. But I love a good folk music, too.

And old Broadway tunes. Gershwin. Noel Coward. Those guys. I was raised singing Baptist hymns. I learned about meter and rhyme from those beautiful, old tunes. Was it Katherine Paterson who wrote that living well is harder than writing well? Michelle: Yes, that is right. “If we marvel at the artist that has written a great reserve, we should marvel more at those individuals whose lives are artwork and who don’t even know it, who wouldn’t believe it if they were told. At night in the fog Writing is like generating. I was in the first grade.