Atkins Diet Yes Or No

Atkins Diet Yes Or No 1

As of now, January 2005, over fifty percent of all americans are struggling with obesity. The Atkins Diet is very simple — limit your carbohydrate intake. It works actually. But Dr. Atkins, following the initial few years of his popularized diet, begun to make refinements and modifications to the initial basic diet. And several other people have taken the essential Atkins Diet, modified it a little just, and come up with a new and very workable diet. The very first thing you must understand is that, across the entire individual spectrum, each of us is very different from one another in the chemical substance makeup of the body.

200 hair analysis, of our particular body type and individual nutritional needs. So as I know far, this technology and this type dietary evaluation is still available only through certain holistic health practitioners which is becoming a lot more expensive. You will find three major misconceptions to the Atkins diet.

The first common myth is many people believe this implies don’t be concerned about the amount of calories or body fat you eat as long as its not carbs. The next common myth is many people believe all sugars are equally bad. The third common myth is that the Atkins “Lo-Carb” diet is truly a “Hi-Protein” diet. Many of these, however, are tremendous misconceptions.

The first myth: many people who utilize this program believe that calories and fats do not matter when eating low carb food, but in man cases it has proven untrue and in some instances this has proven to be fatal. Depending upon your unique body, when eating high fat food your cholesterol could climb and climb, resulting in a center heart stroke or assault. Also, it has been proven that the older we end up being the less our body is able to metabolize the “high fat” portion of the Atkins “lo carb” diet, leading to additional health insurance and eating problems. The second myth: The Atkins Diet is truly a “Lo-Carb” diet, not a “No-Carb” diet.

What should be cut out are breads, potatoes and rice. Fresh fruits and vegetables should not be cut and many should be somewhat increased back again. Finally, after the first month you can “safely” add breads and potatoes — in limited quantities. One friend of mine eats 1 bite of breads/toasts, etc., offered with his foods, such as garlic breads. One bite rather than a morsel more. The third myth: Mention the Atkins Diet & most people’s reaction is “Oh, yes, the ‘high protein’ diet.” Incorrect in any way — it’s a “Low Carb” diet – proteins intake remains unchanged.

Some carbs only, not all, are restricted (versus eliminated completely); body fat, particularly in older people, need to be restricted; proteins should be held to 4-6 ounce portions per meal, the low ideals for breakfast time and lunchtime. The reason why the Atkins Diet works is basically because your system metabolizes its stored fat (carbohydrates) in order to burn — digest — the protein, fiber and fat you are eating.

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The Atkins Dieters tend to leave out several food groups, including vegetables and fruit, since they are “high carb food”, and tend to get a steak instead then, which has suprisingly low carbohydrates. That is ridiculous. Why? Because the elimination of carbohydrates and the reduced amount of the fresh fruits and vegetables actually throws your health into a major imbalance.

Overloading your unbalanced diet by an excessive amount of protein consumption (adding that steak, above) to “increase the quantity” to a satisfying level merely exacerbates this imbalance. The real danger of the Atkins Diet, however, is based on the known reality that, for people who already have health problems, the Atkins Diet actually worsens some conditions and creates other health issues that did not exist prior to the Atkins Diet. The worst of the is Gout.

If you have a tendency to suffer gout, no matter how well controlled it is had by you, a strict Atkins Diet will create a severe gout gout and condition strike for you. In the event that you merely had the tendency for gout without active gout, the Atkins Diet will precipitate an actual condition of gout within you.

A severe case of gout requires medical intervention to correct as well as long-term dietary control and change. The long-term danger of gout can be an increased inclination for heart attack and heart stroke. See Native’s Gift for one proven help for gout. If your body type and chemical makeup is ideal for the Atkins Diet then by all means use it. Remember that there are several similar alternatives out there which may be more suitable than a strict Atkins, to add some of Dr. Atkins own later suggestions and work.