Change Your Approach To Improve YOUR OUTCOMES

Change Your Approach To Improve YOUR OUTCOMES 1

Whether you like to go big or incremental happening towards your goal, knowing what really motivates you may make the difference in your success. Are you someone who thinks big? Or do you move ahead incrementally, in a ‘gradual and stable wins the race’ process? There’s all sorts of advice out there about how to get better results in your business. Go big or go home!

Step by step and you’ll eventually make it happen! Regardless of the advice, I believe one thing can be forgotten. We’re unique. Each of us responds better to one strategy over another. I’ve learned that I respond better to a huge vision. A big vision where we all win: where what I really do in my own business can help you.

When I have that at heart, I feel inspired. I’m motivated. I have more energy to do what must be done to go toward that vision. That’s what was behind the 30-Day Video Challenge. Week Last, I pledged to produce 30 videos in 30 days. For some, day at the office which may be your normal.

For me, it was a huge leap of faith. I’ve been scared about doing videos for some time quite. THEREFORE I set myself this Challenge. At some point, I have to stop talking about my doubts and just do something about it. Now is the time. And I wanted to bring people along beside me, doing this together, people who’d prefer to undertake their fear too.

That big eyesight is doing too much to bring me through days when I can’t quite get my makeup right, or I start feeling judge-y about what I intend to say. For me personally, the big strategy works, and I’m getting different results because of my determination to do things in different ways. You may be inspired by a big vision also.

What is that for you? What goal can you set for yourself over another 30 days that will help carry you forwards? Alternatively, you may work with a gradual approach better. A stepwise approach of small changes that enable you to get to a bigger outcome. Even mountains are transferred one grain at the same time.

You may thrive with the steady knowing that every day, you’ve fulfilled your interim goal of the step today. If that’s true for you, what small goal can set for yourself every day? That solid performance as time passes really can carry and empower you. Which approach works best for you? It’s beneficial to know that. If you’re not sure, think back on times when you’ve achieved the most. How achieved it happen?

Through progressive change or big steps all at once? I’m speaking here about self-determined change, definitely not the response to a shock event. When you understand the approach that works best for you, you can plan according compared to that. It might be a new way that you can look at things. A way that is right for you. Your goals matter. You matter! So when you’re planning how to go towards your goals, discern which strategy will work for you best, and plan that way then. You’ll be more successful, and happier on the way.

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