Piano Fitness: 05/01/2019

Piano Fitness: 05/01/2019 1

Piano Fitness is key contact connection. The results of 3 deep tissue massages brings improved awareness of contact to the planet earth through the 3 points essential for the pianist: your feet onto the floor, the sit bones on the bench, and the fingers on the secrets. Since about 2 a few months ago, April 1st-Piano Fitness Day, my 2nd map connection awareness consistently strengthens. It took concentration never to let my eyes dart from hand to hand, but instead, observe both of your hands (especially both leaders) at the same time! “Awake. Be the see of your ideas.

TAPER 1: I am going to allow at least weekly and a half between the last 90-mile training ride and the first brevet. I will schedule no training trips for both days before the first brevet. PREPARATION 2: During the brevet season, Week I am going to get rid of the long training trip each. Aerobic training rides shall continue and distance training will be provided by the monthly brevet rides, which may differ between 200 and 1200 km.

These will be ridden in January, February, March, April, and May. TAPER 2: Because all of my training will come from the brevets themselves, and because these are a month aside, a good part of the Taper will come from that naturally. In addition, I’ll schedule no training rides for the two days before each brevet.

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1. It’s very rigid. It does not have any available room for family occasions, disease, or setbacks. 2. The 90 days of Foundation training I propose, offering only aerobic training, are at the low end of what Dr. Maffetone suggests. Four weeks of Foundation training might be preferable. 3. It is definately not clear that I am with the capacity of completing some longer brevet rides. 4. Riding with my partner on weekends can be an essential part of my life and a significant reason I find cycling fun.

Although she is a strong rider and I get a good workout on these rides, her goals will vary than mine. She is not interested in training, she just wants to trip. 5. Interesting brevets occur after May often. For instance, Paris-Brest-Paris, which will be next held in 2015, is in August. I would like to address the first three problems as they are carefully related together.

The key to all three is flexibility. I accept, which I have no idea what size brevets I am capable of completing. Testing of the new training program includes a test of my capability, at my age group, to be a randonneur. Facilitating this, the Houston Randonneurs frequently has a 200K option at the same time as whatever brevet these are running that month. Thus, easily find at the end of 90 days I need more Foundation training, I will prolong Foundation training by a month and do my first 200 km brevet in February instead of January.

Similarly, should life intervene, I will simply revise the schedule as necessary in order to not reduce the Foundation training but to hold off the start of my brevet training as necessary. If I find that 200 kilometers or 300 km or some other length brevet is as long as I can tolerate, I’ll simply choose brevets that length or shorter.