WHERE TO FIND Your True Fashion Persona

WHERE TO FIND Your True Fashion Persona 1

So how exactly does the incorrect and right clothes affect the way you look? When you stray away from your natural clothing personality you may feel uncomfortable even if the clothes look good visually. People may comment about how your clothes look good but it generally does not necessarily mean that the clothing looks good on you.

This soreness often shows and can lead to an unflattering fashion victim or “lost” fashionista look. However when you stay with your true clothing personality you’ll naturally feel great. You’re allowing yourself shine. You are not hiding behind a mask and it feels freeing. Being comfortable is likely to ‘skin’ boosts your confidence and people around you will observe that! When you’re wearing clothes that are true to your fashion persona, it’ll indicate to people that you’re confident and that you want yourself.

Inner beauty may become more important, but external beauty has immediate impact. Unless you’re going for a carefree, eclectic look – I suggest that you take some time to access know your fashion persona(-s). Since it helps you become more aware of where you are in your style journey and reveal on how you want to dress and if your present personal style truly reflects who you are. To steer you in the right direction, I’ve created a 8-question fashion style quiz that will discover your dominating fashion persona.

This quiz talks about your present style and shopping practices. I use 6 general clothing personalities because they cover and identify the essential needs, styles, lifestyles, and personalities in fashion in our society. Yes, the fashion industry is evolving and recycling, jumping hoops and there going here and. But these fashion personas shall always stay regardless of what the runways are predicting about the current fashion tendencies. You don’t have to squeeze yourself in one little box and confine to my recommendations for that specific category.

That’s not the idea with this quiz. If you end up with different results after taking the test, say “what on earth” and mix them together! A great thing about these “style archetypes” is that every personality comes with a set of typical personality characteristics and lifestyle choices. Generally, these characteristics that produce you you are being reflected in your alternatives of clothes. For example, nearly all “Classic” women show up refined. While “Romantic” gals have this sweet and demure personality.

However, there’s a huge chance that the person has a mix of that certain style-related personality in their personal style. The style quiz focuses on your dominating clothing personality. Not long ago I had to remove some categories and revise the quiz (July 2012), because the overlapping organizations puzzled a complete great deal of you.

So I proceeded to go as general in categorizing but specific in description on how to utilize the fashion methods for the many archetypes. Note: Each group has also different sub-categories (aka “versions of a fashion persona”) to them such as Minimalism, which really is a sleeker or minimalistic approach to Classic.

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Now you are going to unleash your true internal fashionista you may be questioning: “Can I have more than one fashion persona? I seem to squeeze in several groups”. Generally, we all have one main fashion persona but we can have tendencies towards others – maybe it’s a solid or a some-time supplementary.

But even though you feel Dramatic or Romantic in any given moment, you cannot be all personalities. Your clothing style isn’t predicated on what activities you are doing. Again, your individual style is inborn and often reflects a part of your personality and/or lifestyle which you can not repress or hide.

Well, at least not for a long time. Usually the body and cosmetic characteristics and personal characteristics match with your clothing style. For instance: A good skinned, blonde woman with a modest personality, and rounded facial and body traits would stay true to her personal style by wearing drapes and ruffles that complement her body figure. She would look silly if she tries to wear a pants-suit with emphasized shoulder blades and direct lines. You’ll immediately spot the clothes first and that they empower her.