New Years Goal Setting (aka

New Years Goal Setting (aka 1

Christmas with my Dad’s family tomorrow. It was great to have a few weeks and I feel refreshed and ready to take on 2011 off! I wanted to talk about my New Year’s resolutions with everyone, even though some are personal. I am a goal-setter definitely. I love to write down goals, post them somewhere I could see because also important than setting goals is checking in on your targets. If you arranged them and ignore then.. Its important to check in and remind yourself what you want, whether its daily, monthly or weekly. 1. Eat healthier – I actually began this one after Thanksgiving. I have a serious romance with carbs.

I think during college I survived mainly off of pasta and cereal and potatoes. Here is a picture of me proposing to mashed potatoes. I told you. Its a serious problem. So my plan is to consume many more vegetables/fruit and to “work” for my carbs. If I want carbs, I have to workout.

I was doing great in the beginning of December before cookies/cakes/brownies/mashed potatoes/delicious foods started happening. This week – back to the veggies & fruits But starting! 2. Grow my business / find a building – This is also an ongoing goal. I have already been searching for a building for my studio for around 3 years since we currently lease both of our locations and every rent check feels as though I’m throwing money away. I’ve stalked real property listings and actually frequented a few places, but when you buy something this big, you want it to be perfect.

I have expectations for 2011 and lots of good structures. 3. In July Continue blogging – Since starting this blog, I have “fulfilled” so many great people in the dance world and love contributing at all I can to the dance world. 4. Attend a dance conference – I haven’t been to a summer time dance meeting in a couple of years. I’m not sure if this season Let me go to a dance/teaching one or a business/teaching one, but either way I am going someplace! I’ve had my heart set on getting to the Tap City NYC Festival by ATDF for a long period – maybe this is the year?

Maria!). Could it be odd that I feel least prepared for this resolution? From checking in Aside, the other important part part of goal-setting is figuring out a plan. A plan is like a bunch of mini-goals that help you to get towards the big end goal. Without a plan, a goal may appear utterly daunting, but when you can measure small steps towards it, you shall see you are making progress.

Then, you must bare the trash. How do you open google? What kind of services does Google Espana offer to Spanish people? Google Espana offers the same services that Google offers except the language used is Spanish globally. The ongoing services offered include maps, play, images, news, Gmail, calendar, drive services among a great many other. Does Google drive focus on an iPad?

Yes – Google Drive works on your iPad and iPhone via the Google Drive app. How will you delete things of hard drive? Will there be any real way to send tunes from the Personal computer to your phone? You are able to connect your mobile phone into your PC and drop them into your telephone just.

You can also use Google Drive or various other cloud software. The music are dropped by you off from your PC to the drive. Open up it on your phone and download after that it. Can you remove information stored on flash drive? Yes, just right click the file that you want to delete, and then hit delete. If you are having problems stilll, i would recommend formatting the drive then, but be aware that this will delete all info from the drive.

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To format the drive in Windows: Go to “My Computer” Right click the drive Icon Format Drive. I am hoping this helps. What service agency do you recommend for cloud computer data back-up? The providers that I will recommend and that are tried and trusted are Carbonite, Data Protecto, Google Drive and Mozy.

I recommend F(x) Data Cloud, they offer a good service and you can find so many plans about your requirement. In the event that you keep documents on computer and external but delete some items from computer data files will that upgrade on the external drive? No, you have to also delete what you want from the external hard drive.