28 Real Estate Business Cards We Love

If you snuck into my home office and opened my desk drawer, you’d find at least two dozen real estate business cards. Some are from brokers I’ve done handles in the past, you’d find at least a handful of my old business cards. Why do I keep them? Because each one is a reminder to maintain a relationship.

Before diving into our list of great real estate business cards, remember that each of them can be imprinted by ProspectsPLUS! 5, upload your design, place your order, and begin building valuable romantic relationships today. These drop-dead gorgeous letterpress real estate business cards with gold embossment and edges were made in-house by luxury LA real estate firm Mercer Vine. What I really like most about these credit cards is that they’re luxurious and opulent while still being understated.

That’s an extremely fine series and one that many luxury firms butcher using their branding efforts. Even more amazingly, these were designed in-house by someone with some serious design chops fairly. Recently named Most Innovative Brokerage by RESAAS, it should come as no surprise that San Francisco’s Climbs Real Estate takes branding seriously.

Minimal without having to be pretentious, clean, and highly legible type, and very subtle pops of red really make these credit cards stick out. I always loved Stribling’s pen and ink logo and bold red signature color. There’s just something timeless and elegant about it that appears to be sorely lacking in real estate branding today.

It’s also cropped in a relatively playful way, which immediately brings to mind Pentagram’s refresh of the iconic Saks Fifth Avenue logo. Timeless, casually elegant, still playful yet, what’s not to love here? Like Mercer Vine, Bond St. Partners is another super-high end Los Angeles Real Estate firm with killer business cards.

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Instead of creating in-house, they selected real estate branding company SM Sold to dream up these lovely design purist credit cards. The modern style on display here is proof positive that you don’t (always) need platinum to make something luxurious! P.S. If the name was there as well, you might remember Bond St’s David Parnes and James Harris from Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing. Tech focused brokerage Compass has made a huge splash in the real estate industry is just a few short years. Starting out as a buyer supported startup in New York City, today Compass is a leader in luxury real property in the united states.

As you might imagine, their branding and business cards are top shelf. Conceived by the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA based Global Brand Works, their cards proof positive of the seminal graphic design principle that less is more. Instead of repeating the compass logo design on the trunk of the credit card, they use the “needle” from the minimalistic compass in their logo design.

This helps relate the agent’s name with the huge benefits they deliver to their clients, as Global Brand Works Shannon Riordan put it,” way finding to attain your goals”. Silicon Valley brokerage Sereno Group’s real estate business cards have the ability to combine the natural beauty of the spot with an artistic flair that wouldn’t look out of place at the hip startups they use.

Although the color theme is calming and almost pastoral, Sereno’s branding appears bold and brash in the ocean of traditional branding in the industry today. Back, to Beverly Hills to check out these too cool for school business cards for the Cumming & Beisel team from Hilton & Hyland Christie’s. Black history, foil-stamped sterling silver design, and elegant typography make their credit cards look more like passes for some exclusive golf club rather than business cards. Ideal for their market. Let’s change gears a bit and check out great real estate business credit cards that mere mortal agencies are using.